Terms of personal data management

This writing is to inform you that by the company Annabinicookingin, your personal data are managed in full respect of Law Decree 196/03.
Data are put in the data banks of Annabinicookingin in consequence of the acquisition of your consent, apart from the cases hereof see article 24 Law Decree 196/03.
According to such rules , data management will be marked by the principles of fairness, lawfulness and transparency and defence of your confidentiality and of your rights. According to article 13 we inform you that:
1- data are collected for contractual purposes, commercial purposes and to set normal commercial contacts and that management takes place with the following procedures: manual and electronic.
2- Granting of data is not compulsory.
3- In case of refusal to grant data, consequence will be the impossibility for the companyAnnabinicookingin to deal with any purchasing order of yours.
4-Your data have been taken over through a request of Annabiniccokingin and can be divulged to companies that are Annabinicookingin commercial partners, to Annabinicookingin subsidiary and/or associated companies and to companies carrying out market research on behalf of the above-said subjects for the above mentioned purposes as well as for further marketing, advertisement, promotion and market research purposes.
Moreover, inside Annabinicookingin your data can be divulged to the office staff of: Accountancy, Marketing, Communication, Internet, Sales, General Management, Administration since these are responsible subjects charged with data management.
Considering that both Annabinicookingin operate at international level, your data can be transferred abroad , even out of the European Union.
5- You can turn to the persons in charge of management to stick up for your rights as foreseen in article 7 of Law Decree 196/03, that is: confirmation or non confirmation of the existence of data concerning you; cancellation, transformation in anonymous form and block of data managed infringing the law; updating, correction or integration of data; notification that the described operations have been brought to the notice of those whom data have been disclosed or made known.
6- Holders of management are the company Annabinicookingin
7- The complete list of persons in charge is available at the office of the company Annabinicookingin.