Anna decided to leave the fashion world where she had worked for 30 years and live her passion for cooking.

In 1989 she opened with her oldest son Simone an Italian restaurant called Casa Bini.

The restaurant is on a small street in the heart of S. Germain de Prés. Casa Bini was an immediate success with its clients because of the use of fresh produce and the authentic recipes of the simple Tuscan fare.

Anna soon leaves the management of Casa Bini to Simone and starts to collaborate with her friends, Gilles and Catherine de Chabaneix, in writing “Tuscany, the Art of Traveling to the Rhythm of the Seasons” and “Campania, the Art of Traveling to the Rhythm of the Seasons”.

In the two books the authors set an itinerary for each month and include the recipes of chefs they meet during their travels.

Anna considers herself today a mother and grandmother who loves the colors of life, a shared smile at the table, the products of the sun and the simplicity of regional Italian cooking.

This is where Anna’s cooking courses take you – into the heart and kitchen of Italian cooking.


Lorenzo inherited his passion for cooking from Anna.

After working at Casa Bini in Paris he struck out on his own and with a friend opened in San Casdano, outside Florence, “5 di Vino”.

But his heart was in Paris and it was there he returned and in Rue Saint Honoré opened with film producer Luc Besson the restaurant “Anteprima” which won the Fooding France award in 2005.

Deciding his mother needed a hand with the cooking school Lorenzo goes back to Florence where he is put in charge of Cooking Day and food tours around Florence.

Along with cooking Lorenzo adores children and is happiest when teaching them at the school.

In turn the children render much more while cooking because of Lorenzo’s playful, winning manner. Cooking Day with the children is a fun, crazy, happy time enjoyed by all.


Angelika is German born but Florence has been her adopted home for decades. She and Anna were in the fashion world together but have always shared a love for cooking.

Angelika is at the school during Cooking Day and speaking English and German helps out with foreign guests. Anna herself speaks excellent French.