Florence has an important culinary tradition whose roots are in the history of the country and in Florence itself.

The force behind Florentine cooking is found in the universal culture of the city: in its markets, in the products of its territory, in the local specialties and in the homes of its inhabitants.

Our Cooking Day in Florence will help you indulge in this culture.
What is cooking Day?

It is a day to discover Florence, shop at the local markets for the best produce, meet the local vendors, cook with your own hands and taste all together what you have cooked while enjoying a glass of wine.

How does Cooking Day work?

Cooking Day does not follow fixed calendar dates.

You propose to us a date that is good for you a  nd we will do our best to accommodate you.

The lessons will be organized according to the number of participants for a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10 people. You do not have to bring any material with you the school provides everything you will need for the day.

The lessons are held in the language of the participants: the most common languages being Italian, English, French and German.

A Routine Cooking Day

The day begins at 9:30am at the Mercato di Sant’ Ambrogio or, upon request, at the Mercato di San Lorenzo, and ends at 3:30pm, a 6 hour day fun of good cheer and good food.

Our school is in the San Fredlano quarter, Oltrarno, one of the most traditional and fascinating areas of Florence. Follow below the different parts of Cooking Day.

Si fa la spesa - Cookin Day - Anna Bini Cookin In


With Anna and Lorenzo, Angelika or Alexia you will visit the local producers and buy the fresh seasonal produce whether it be carciofi. zucchini, pomodori of all different colors, menta and basilico, ricotta or parmigiano. Remember food must also be pleasing to the eye.

Si scopre Firenze - Cookin Day - Anna Bini Cookin In


Anna will go back to the school with the shopping and prepare for the lesson to begin once you arrive at the school.

Lorenzo, Angelika or Alexia will walk you back to the school passing by many of the Florentine monuments, Santa Croce, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti before arriving at the school.

The best way to know a city is through the eyes of its inhabitants.

Si cucina - Cookin Day - Anna Bini Cookin In


Anna will immediately begin by explaining and showing you the ins and outs of fresh pasta making whether you make tagliatelle, taglierini or ravioli, all prepared with egg, flour and water according to tradition.

You will make the sauce to use on your pasta following Anna’s suggestions.
Anna’s motto is Every sauce has its pasta and every pasta has its sauce.

Si Assaggia - Cookin Day - Anna Bini Cookin In


Following your morning shopping, touring and cooking now comes the best part.

An ample moment for the aperitivo is offered with small tastes of Tuscan specialties and a glass of wine.

A moment enjoyed by all after a job well done. Then the conviviality of the table, sitting down and tasting the fruits of your labor and exchanging kitchen and life experiences.


Cooking is a game Anna says,
and children love a game.

Cooking Day for children is organized to share Anna and Lorenzo’s cooking passion with the younger generation.

Lorenzo will teach the children how to make pasta and Anna Anna will make the sauces. Good fun is guaranteed for young and old.

Useful information:

• The minimum age for participating in a cooking lesson is 4 years old.

• The minimum number of participants is 4.

• The school supplies all materials for the children.

We have walked you through a Cooking Day in Florence and WE ARE READY TO BEGIN.

If you are too, please reserve your day and time with us.

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